Box beehives are made out of high quality technically dried spruce wood. Glues that we use are waterproof and do not contain any aggressive substances. Beehives are dovetailed.

After the beehives are finished we coat them with linseed oil which protects the wood from absorbing humidity from the environment. Beside the basic coating with linseed oil it is necessary to coat the surfaces that are exposed to meteorological factors like rain, humidity, sunlight etc. with other appropriate coatings because it prolongs the life expectancy of the beehives.

Frames are made out of linden or spruce wood. Joints on frames are glued with waterproof glue and nailed together. All frames have drilled holes ready for wire insertion.

Types of box beehives that we produce:

– Slovenian AZ box beehive,
– LR box beehive,
– DB box beehive,
– we also produce custom made box beehives.